They’ve extended the deadline, *and* the hilarious Comic Sans PowerPoint you’ve been secretly working on about this whole thing can probably be sent as an attachment to their email. Let’s do this thing, people!


The new BH6 trailer is out! It looks great. Actually kind of liking seeing this with fresh eyes like the rest of the world, and its come a LONGGGG way. 

Can’t wait for the final film and I’ll be posting work from BH6 after its release. I worked mainly on sets and a few paintings, for about a year and a half. 


I bet before Carlos moved to Night Vale he used to regularly reinvent really useless household appliances all the time.

Like ‘Hey check this out it looks like a regular umbrella but it’s also COMPLETELY FIREPROOF’

and everyone would be like ‘Carlos why the hell would anyone NEED a fireproof umbrella if it’s already raining seriously stick to science’

but in Night Vale everyones like ‘Aw man this is PERFECT for when it starts raining fire/gasoline/literal death’ and Carlos is just like ‘My time has come’


Daniel Radcliffe, on the time he spends in bookshops during his time off. — The South Bank Show. (x)

Natasha Romanoff is an Avenger, an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and an ex-KGB assassin, but on her own time, she uses her unique skill set to atone for her past. She is Black Widow.


the fact women are viewed as being more sexy at 15 than 40 is the creepiest thing in the world